One of the excellences of the Queens Peak Condo

Are you a businessman looking for a place to live in which can provide you with not only a near place with you workplace but also the accommodation to ease your journey to the place Queens Peak? If yes, the Queens Peak condo can be the right answer for that question and below will be the explanation for that matter.

One of the excellences of the Queens Peak condo is that this new residential project is located in front of the Queenstown MRT Station. To get to the station, you can simply take a few steps of the stairs of the Station. That is clearly already an interesting fact, yet there is one more to go. By taking the train for just 15 minutes, you can already arrive at the Raffles Place & Marina Bay Financial District so that if you happen to work there, you do have to spend hours just to go to the office and to go home. So, what are you waiting for? Call us and get your unit now.

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