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How to Book the B1 English test

For those who want to take B1 English test, they can do so on one of the SELT centres which are located in cities all around the United Kingdom, from the south part of Britain to the northern part of Scotland. The cities B1 English test include London Hammersmith, London Holborn, Belfast, Crydon London, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Peterborough and Glasgow.

Before actually being able to take the exam, the first thing they need to do is book the exam. Booking the exam can be done online through websites on the internet which offer services for booking the B1 English test. However, they need to make sure that the websites they found on the internet offer the proper B1 English test. The proper test is only the one provided by one of those centres, not from any other provider of the test and one of the websites which are trusted as the place to book the B1 English test is the