double glazed patio doors

These tips can help you to clean your-your glass and windows

Double Glazing Zone – windows – The air moisture that has been caught by the window glass make the dirt and dust stick to its surface, and it’s causing the glass to look blurry or dull. The right glass cleaning product and equipment that used for cleaning the windows will be able to return the clarity of the windows in your home.

The required equipment :

A bucket of clean water

a squeegee

A glass cleaner product that won’t leave any residues on the glass

A sponge to rub the stubborn stains

A clean wiping cloth

The steps to clean the glass and windows :

1. Start by cleaning the inner side windows in the house. The outside ones are usually dirtier and will be handled later on.

2. Put the cloth under the window to catch the remnants of the cleaning process to keep the floor clean.

3. Read the how to use on the cleaning product packaging that’s you’re going to use. If you choose a detergent, make sure the detergent is suitable for the glass.

4. If the product that’s you’re using is not a spray, Pour the product into a bucket of water according to how to use it. Mix them until they’re foamy.

5. Dip the sponge in the mixture, squeeze, and use it to wipe the glass immediately.

6. If the cleaner that’s you’ve chosen is the spray one, you can spray it directly on the glass, then wipe it with the sponge. Be careful when you’re spraying it, don’t hit your own eyes with it. Keep your spraying distance according to the how to use it.

7. Wipe all of the window surfaces, including the corner.

8. Use the squeegee to remove the excessive liquid on the glass. Positioned the squeegee tightly and also vertically to the glass surface, then move it horizontally or vertically. Wipe the squeegee with a cloth after each time you’re moving it horizontally, in order to remove the dirt and some water on it.

9. Use the clean cloth to wipe all of the water and foam remnants on the glass.

10. Repeat all of these steps for the outer side windows.