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3 The main reasons, Whiteboard can raise consumer purchasing power than ordinary advertising features

These last few years, the marketing service providers began much abandon old ways of promotion. Old habits like placing an ad campaign in the form of the sequence of words without movement recently began inviting feeling bored and tired of the audience, so it took a lot of new innovations to attract the attention of viewers. Not long ago the marketing finds another way to promote products or services both online and offline, through or high converting whiteboard videos. This method is supposed to more potential consumers to buy than ordinary video or only limited ads on the search engine grid.

Whiteboard video becomes an alternative for the perpetrators marketing to offer their products or tell about their company and the consumer’s attention in order to foster the desire to buy or merge with the company. Whiteboard videos are not just videos but also can be equipped with the animation and augmented with other effects eg voice, song or narrative that will make the another person is not saturated when viewed zoom. There are three main reasons why whiteboard animation videos or videos is very suitable to be used as a marketing medium. First, because the whiteboard video is very pleasant. When done well, such as adding effects and narration communicative and detail it will be many viewers will be interested in the product offering with detailed explanations usually, it will cause the purchasing power of the product.

Second, whiteboard or whiteboard animation video can be placed anywhere. Usually, whiteboard or whiteboard animation videos placed on the homepage or website without spending a lot of places so that the user typically whiteboard and whiteboard animation videos as very creative. sometimes it is not possible based video whiteboards have attracted much interest.

Third, for the company or trademark was heavily in disseminating market, this method can be used, even just to do a simple presentation by describing how important the products you use or how important the presence of your company or how far the plans that you create for the day front, all could be in a landscape which is simple whiteboard animation and video. It’s not impossible for whiteboard or whiteboard animation video can convert more viewers to be able to join the company or even buy their products and make your video as a guide for the use of products and services.