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The factors that make your car is being targeted by the auto theft

owner of license plate – The auto theft is definitely the most common crime around the world. Not only that the majority of laws about auto theft is not severe, the profit that a car thief could make in just in theft will bring him a lot of money. That’s why there are so many desperate people who choose to take a part as a car thief. If your car has been stolen, you can track it to the DMV immediately. Right now, we’d like to share you some info on the factor that could make your car is being targeted by the car thief.

1. Your car is too attractive

Whether your car is new, has a high selling value, or has a complex and expensive modification features. These kinds of things could be one of many factors that make your car is being targeted by the thief. That’s why, if your car is brand new, or has a high reselling value, you can add extra securities to protect it. You can use the car cover to lessening its attractiveness while it’s parked, you can park carefully in the middle of other cars, or installing a tracker device that could help the police track your car if it’s being stolen.

2. Park in the risky places

A car that’s parked at the end of the parking line is the easiest one to steal. This way, a won’t have too many troubles for stealing your car due to no obstacles around the parked car. Parking your car at the end of the parking line is not recommended. Parking in the dark areas is should be avoided too, due to the thief will have more courage to steal it because of the poor visibility in the area.

3. The stuff inside your car are clearly visible from the outside

This is the same as giving a welcome sign to the thieves. It’s recommended to not leave any valuables, especially the keys inside a parked car. Even the dirty clothes could attract the attention of the thieves, due to they’re curious on what might those dirty clothes concealed.